The dreams of a content writer

Content writers earn two ways; the money, of course is the basic attraction. The satisfaction of seeing the output on the client’s website is… what shall I say? It is plain and simple satisfaction, itself.

Recently, a prospective client praised the test article and went on praising the writing style and concept and so on. When I switched on the computer, I could not write 10 words! Dejection naturally begot additional dejection, I ran behind the schedule. I discovered the word to describe the condition: a writer’s block. However, none of the solutions worked.

I found out by myself; I was trying to exceed my skills and attempting to write to earn further acclaim. Naturally, this stunted the style, shrunk the vocabulary and emptied the phrase store.

The ubiquitous readability analysis that comes with Microsoft Word finally, solved the issue. No, the Flesch-Kincaid did not add effervescent turn to my writing; it achieved the objective by goading me to change the words, syntax or shuffle the common commas.

When I did finish and reviewed, Lo! Behold, the ugly duckling was decent, though not a swan.

Not everyone agrees with the readability scores; in fact, the editor at one of the agencies has admonished me strictly against writing the ‘short’ sentences, essential to score better.

Conversational tone and slightly offbeat words seem to irritate the readability function.

Still, for a person like me, struggling to stitch 2000 words together for the day’s earnings, Flesch and Kincaid are both friends in my need.


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