Content Writers – Incredible Microsoft Help.

Being a content writer, working on freelance basis, I receive requests, specifications, and details from clients over phone. These people like to talk than write (luckily so! Otherwise, they might have encroached into my job as a content writer!) Busy running their business, they are invariably short of time and patience, even to draft an Email.

As a content writer, I pound away at the keyboard; and have lost practice of writing things down. It is cumbersome to balance the phone receiver, juggle with the spectacles, and write down the notes; and most of the time, the people spoke, rather dictate – so their thoughts move forward and back; the net result was a jumble of scribbling than clear notes. Freelance content writers, must struggle, I thought.
It struck me late in the day, (better late than never,) it would be a great convenience, If only the clients could just dictate the instructions and mail the audio file. I tried Express Dictate, but then it costs something above $50. I was hesitant, since the clients may think I am trying to be a salesman, instead of being a content writer.

Then came the big one: our good old Microsoft. They have bundled a free Sound Recorder, right with the Windows Vista. I went to Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Sound Recorder. Click and start recording. That is how simple it is. See Sound Reorder for more help.

Yet another pleasant fact; the help is easy to understand and follow; not the present day high-falutin’ (un)’help’ files.

Now, most of my clients record and mail their requirements. They are happy and as a content writer so am I.
Not only for content writers, the free sound recorder should prove useful for businesspersons, doctors, managers; and of course, grandmas would love this. They can dictate recipes for their granddaughters/sons.

I request other content writers to post info on similar helpful gadgets that they are using.


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