Why is the Corvette referred to as America’s Sports Car?

Corvette: true Spirit answers only to this name. The spirit is a placeholder for all that you expect in a sports car; the excitement, control, and power. Add of course the exceptional comfort. You can build a pretty long spreadsheet, comparing engines and torque, but all that sums up to one fact; Chevy Corvette convertible or a coupe, scores with the 100-year experience.
Just for the record, Corvette’s 430-horsepower, LS3 V8 engine picks-up 424 lb-ft torque sending wind flying by from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. Open the skies in 18 seconds with the optional power top and ‘cut through the air with precision’ (as the Chevrolet says.)

Corvette’s classical rounded fenders and dynamic lines flow into 2012 models and bundle the pride of possession, owning the original; America’s sports car. You have aggressive contours to surround you. Beauty of Corvette remains timeless, the composite body panels, lighter and do not rust.

Corvette drives in with ultra-comfort; larger bolsters and cushion areas in the re-jigged seats; infotainment turns up melody with Bose audio system. Navigate with head-up display without losing focus.
The top-notch spot for America’s Sports cars is occupied; by Corvette.


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