The ethics of Essay Writing Companies.

Essay writing, academic assignment writing, dissertation writing – call it by any name – it just means you hire a “ghost” to handle your course work. Hundreds of “companies” have sprung up in UK and US (and of course in most other countries,) who hire freelance writers to write the dissertation for you.

There was a hilarious incident. One tutor in a British university was moonlighting on one such essay writing company. Secretly, she was writing coursework for students via this outfit. One day, she received the shock of her life; she received assignment to write an essay on a topic she had set for her students! None of the three parties, the essay writing company, the tutor and of course, not the student ever expected such an eventuality, though in hindsight, the tutor realized the probability of such occurrence was anyway high.

Now days, there are universities who charge hefty fee and dole out diplomas, it’s a business through and through. On top of these is another rip off- “additional” courses that add “value” to your diploma. Most of the time, it is one of the faculty operating these add-on courses. The message is clear – “shell out €250 for this extra diploma or else…”
I understand the plight of the students. They just go to one of these academic assignments writing “farms’ buy one dissertation, and get their diploma.

This is how I silence my conscience, every time I write course material for hire.


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