How to Get the Best Dissertation out of Your UK Essay Writing Service.

Life needn't be so tough

Will the essay writing service give you the best coursework? Considering that, you get the dissertation written (and pay good money for it) to get you the maximum score, you deserve the best dissertation / essay

Here are three tips for the US or the UK University students grappling with this question.

Work with assignment writer at the UK essay writing company from the beginning, meaning talk with the writer directly and share your thoughts with him or her. You may run into a problem, since most of the so called UK essay service companies farm out their work to project writers in other countries and don’t allow you to interact directly with the writers. The chap who notes down your needs is generally a sales person is just booking the order; he is neither knowledgeable in the subject nor interested in your scores. He or she may not even pass on half of your requirements.

What is the net effect? The writer depends on half-baked information and spins something out of earlier essay paper examples; this may or may not turnout well. The best way to surmount this hurdle is to insist on direct interaction. A decent essay writing service, UK has a few of them provide conference call and allow you to discuss with the writer directly. You will be able to convey what you want and also assess the writer’s capability.

Another alternative, in fact the best one is, to locate individual essay service providers. The advantage with these writers is; you get dedicated and personalised service. The writer keeps sending you each page of the essay as he or she writes it, giving you an opportunity to study, monitor and ask for revision if required.

The next tip is to share the expected line of thought or answer to the assignment. Let me explain by a couple of examples, essay papers as you know are set on open ended topics. Suppose the topic is this.

“The Alternative Dispute Resolution Movement – ADR fundamentally ignores wider issues afflicting the UK civil justice.” Half the time you don’t know what the supervisor is expecting. Should you say ADR is fine or should you prove that ADR has failed in England and Wales? The courts and the case law too won’t help you as there are hundreds of cases in which courts have asked the parties to opt for ADR and equal number of cases where the courts have chosen to hear the case. You should be able to guess the supervisor’s inclination and indicate it to the writer. This important step enables you to get the dissertation written on the right track, so to say. Of course, only individual essay, dissertation or academic project writers will accommodate you to this length, but the choice is yours.

Believe me as I am telling this based on personal experience. I had written coursework for a student. It was a European Law case study. In the given model case, the client has suffered a health condition because the UK had not implemented a European Commission’s directive on product safety standards and was seeking redress under the EU law. Only a law student can appreciate how many different ways the case study can be answered.

The third tip is about library access. No essay writing service, UK or US based spends money on providing library access to their contract writers. The company asks you to provide your id and password to the library.  Understandable and fine, but it is for you to check out that the link works properly and gives the access.

It is even best if you cull out a few examples, research papers and articles from journals and pass it on to the writer. Here again remember, the supervisor may have a favourite journal or author in mind; referencing from such sources gets you good scores.

If you want to know more score-building essay writing ideas, post a comment here. I would be happy to assist you. 

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