The Role of Consciousness in Everyday Life.

It is easy to know that Consciousness guarantees peace and happiness in life.  In fact all of us know that it is possible to be happy; but not many of us are. The reason is a simple one – it is difficult to attain that particular state of realization. Note the word, carefully – it is only difficult and not impossible. It requires just a walk, a slightly strenuous one, along the set path. Let us get some information on this.

What is Consciousness? Why is it that hundreds of thousands of people struggle for years and continue to struggle? How is it that the realized souls attain the state in almost a moment? When we see certain persons, particularly those who have devoted their life to God, we cannot fail to note a kind of glow. They do seem so contented and free of worries.

Normally, it is assumed that such people have undertaken severe penance, studies or prayers and have spent years in the process. But can the alternate be also true? Perhaps it could well be this way. It is the self realization, the consciousness of self that enabled them to begin their walk; a walk along the path to happiness.

One point common to these people is this: they have had the benefit of a guide, friend or philosopher, someone to point the path. Call the guide a coach or preceptor; the Guru can help us to take that difficult and first step. Rest of the walk is easy.

There are hundreds of definitions, philosophical, psychological, and Vedic for consciousness and volumes of literature on how to attain it.  One practical way to describe consciousness is, it is the realization that there is a superior being who is keen to care for us. The superior being is ever ready to help us to help ourselves and others. We can continue to be in the same job, studies or home life, and make no major change and yet realize the inner peace. 

(This is a sample content I sent to Trivedi on 27 April 2013.)


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