Assured Backup for Virtual Environment:

Opt for an agentless data backup and recovery solution for your virtual environment. We emphasize the feature ‘agentless,’ as the sole workable choice for data backup for virtual environment.
Traditional Lacunae:
Traditional backup requires you to install agents (copies of the backup software,) on each server and even on individual clients. Though the approach is not exactly efficient, it serves a basic purpose on physical infrastructure.
But, in a virtual environment, the approach is very likely to affect other virtual machines residing on the same host.
 Agents engage too much of network I/O and server resources during backup; and lead to performance degradation.
 Each time you create a guest VMs; traditional backup requires you to configure data backup software for the new guest.
 Failure to install the agent on the new guest VM disrupts and creates costly gaps in data.
 Protecting vmdk, vmx, vmsd and other VMware files assumes priority in virtual environment.
You need agentless software to backup virtual environment to overcome all these challenges.
Solution Set:

We have partnered with IMCloudSolutions, the agentless network-based software; and provide you fail-safe virtual environment backup. The software is installed only on the local server to back up from hundreds of desktops, laptops, handheld devises and from remote offices.

The critical feature for virtual environment is that you need not install the software copy on each server or on any of the individual clients.

IMCloudSolutions auto-discovers guest VMs, as soon as they are created and self-configures to back up from them.

The solution works exceptionally on various virtualization platforms:

VMware VSphere 4, ESX 3.5, ESX 3.0, ESXi, Workstation and Server
Citrix XenServer
Microsoft Hyper-V
Parallels and Virtual Containers
You can support multiple backup sets such as VSS aware, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and others.
Different guest VMs created on a physical machine may have different operating systems and applications on them. In such a situation, it is likely that they have different backup solutions. It would be a difficult task to schedule backup sessions for such guest VMs working on the same physical server. IMCloudSolutions not only discovers the new guests but also integrates seamlessly with other backup solutions; and protects the data.
We would be happy to offer a free appraisal for virtual environment backup for you.


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