How Freelance Content Writer trumps a permanent writer

More brains cost less

More brains cost less

Should you hire a freelance content writer or is it advantageous to employ a full-timer? At first sight, the title appears to show that both the freelancers and full-time content writers deliver benefits though of different kind or to a different degree.
Go deeper; you will see that the scene is skewed firmly in favor of temps. Unless of course, you are engaged in something absolutely critical and absolutely confidential as rocket science. Just check out these ideas.

Quality Content:

Let’s start with a simple question. Can one person be the repository of ideas for ever? Each writer brings his or her own writing style and an individualized way of articulating thoughts. Engaging the same chap for pounding out digital content, articles, blogs or press releases is going to result in a kind of staid and dull uniformity.

Internet market is about being lively and stimulating; try different authors if your online presence is to be bubbling with freshness.

Full-time Digital Content Writing Work?

Will there be enough work for a regular employee content writer? If you are a large web development company or a mega company like IBM or Microsoft, you may need web-related content on a sustained basis. On an average, a good writer produces about 30,000 words a month which works out to 60 to 70 pages of web content, articles or blogs. Even a professional web design company would find it difficult to keep a content writer occupied 8 hours a day for 25 days in a month at this rate.
You would end up paying the content writer salary even when he is idling.

Quick Turn Around:

Even if you are able to line up sufficient work, say in the range of 30,000 words a month, it wouldn’t be possible to break it down methodically and dole out “so many words a day”; you would often need the blog in quick time. You know your clients better and that they rarely wait patiently for days. Having a group of freelancers on panel helps you to turn around quality content even when there is a sudden surge of demand. (Life is like that – things come out in a rush as we all know.)
And by the way, employees do go on leave. Think of the client’s tolerance when the full time content writer takes off on a week’s holiday.
Freelance content writer lives by ‘write more and earn more’ philosophy; he wouldn’t go off on a walk-about easily.

Freelance Content Writer Saves You Money and…..

When you slot in a content writer on a freelance basis, you pay for the quantity produced and accepted by you. No more no less – it’s that simple. You don’t pay for days when there is no work, and don’t pay for days when the employee goes on leave. In other words, it’s a perfect obligation-free mode of working together; something perfectly familiar in these days of outsourcing.
You won’t need to provide office space (an expensive commodity these days,) computers and such paraphernalia and you won’t be wasting time in supervising the work too.
Take an envelope and do a bit of math on the back; freelance content writer will cost you a fraction of the salary and expenses incurred on a regular employee.


You must have guessed by now; I am a freelance content writer. Naturally, I have listed only what favors my trade. Do let me know, if you have alternate thoughts.



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