Do you need a specialist SEO Writer for terms and conditions page?

If you’ve any kind of presence on the web, chances are you’d have wanted Freelance or permanent online Writers at some time or other. Normally, any good SEO Writer should be able to deliver the content that matches your vision and unless the product or service is too niche or technical when perhaps you’d make it a point to scout for an experienced Tech Writer.

 There is one more aspect of Online Writing that needs an additional skill and that is the Terms and Conditions as well as the privacy Policy pages that every website has and should have. Here is where those blog Writers who primarily depend on the too ubiquitous Google for their research (often that’s the other name for simple getting the raw material for their Content Writing) may get stumped. Terms and Conditions page is a legal document alright but shouldn’t be too putting off in its terminology.

 Legal minded SEO Writer:

 As usual, Google is one of the sites, which is able to deliver all the legalese in not just in a simple language, but in an exceptionally elegant style on its Terms and Conditions pages and Privacy Policies. Google is able coach users and warn prospective mischief makers without appearing to hurt sentiments. Admirable piece of content Writing, that’s. Against this, we have many sites where first of all, it’s difficult to understand what they are trying to say, but if you do, then the terminology is outright offensive. And, so verbose; perhaps as a result of the Article Writing Service is paid per word. One champion Terms and Conditions page I recently came across had as many as 3,752 words!

If you take a peek at 2/3 Terms pages, you’d get what I mean. The solution is to ask your content writing services provider/ team to entrust the task to a legal minded SEO writer.

On why it’s so important to be meticulous about the Terms page, I shall post a few thoughts soon. Meanwhile, please share what you feel about the subject.




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