Why you must study your own horoscope

Learning to study your own horoscope helps you to time your actions; and take maximum benefit of positive events and minimize the risks that have been foretold to you. Suppose you are fated to change present job, it’s time to polish up your resume and interview skills. Or, suppose misunderstanding with the spouse is forecast by the astrologer, you can exercise more patience, side step issues and pilot the family ship safely through troubled waters. You would have avoided a major risk.

But is it not the job of the astrologer to guide you in these matters?

Astrological forecast can help only to certain extent:

When you consult your astrologer, she/he forecasts the good and bad possibilities that are likely to occur in your life. This is only a broad indication. If you pay a larger fee, the astrologer may also indicate what the next 2/3 years hold in store for you, but again the forecast can at best be a generalized indication.

What is the use of knowing the major events are likely to take place, unless you also know when they are most likely to occur? Marriage is a probability for all in marriageable age, but it is more helpful to know whether you will get married this year or next.

Unless you have an astrologer on tap, you can’t get such support. Consulting astrologer too often is impractical as it costs too much and more than that you’re handing control of your life totally to fate, which is certainly not what astrology is about.

The best via media is to learn to study your own horoscope, which is not at all difficult.

Steps to review your horoscope:

Just a basic and primary knowledge of astrology is sufficient to follow the steps described here. In case you’re not familiar with the terms and phrases used here, Googling is enough for practical everyday use of horoscope.

First get your horoscope cast by a good astrologer along with Dasha and Bhukti dates. Dasha and Bhukti are the key tools in timing an event. The effects of Dasha and Bhukti affect those spheres of life on which the concerned planets, houses and signs have influence.

As a second step, prepare a list of all major events that have occurred in your life with dates and note down during which dasha and bhukti the developments took place.

See this illustration:



Bhukti started from





Serious troubles at work place, labour disobeys and management unhappy.




Dec 2008 resigned from job, Feb 2009 Hired by another employer at an amazing salary+ car and driver.


One piece of information here: planets are not uniformly good or bad and affect different persons differently. Guru, the innately beneficial planet can be cruel to some persons and Shani, an inherently ferocious planet can bless some persons with unbelievable rewards.

Therefore, the list of events described above helps you to easily identify which planets are good or bad in your particular case.

Now look up from any good and simple book on astrology. Brihat Jataka is a good source and is available at http://www.wilbourhall.org/pdfs/The_Brihat_Jataka_of_Varaha_Mihira.pdf

Note down the information about planets, houses and signs that are relevant to your horoscope. Using the Dasha and Bhukti information from the first step, analysis from the list of events (second step) and a bit of common sense, you can time the events that are likely to place in your life in the coming 2/3 years.

Let us use an illustration to explain clearly.

In the chart given below, the person will experience Saturn dasha – Guru Bhukti from 31 March 2014.Image

The dasha and bhukti combination means that the , the main planets concerned are:

Saturn and Guru.

In this horoscope, Saturn is the lord of 4th and 5th houses and Guru is the lord of 3rd and 6th houses.

Saturn is in the 12th house and Guru is in the 6th house.

Therefore, the concerned hosues are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and the 12th.

You will find what effects Guru, Shani as planets and as lords of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and the 12th houses signify. Copy the information into a word processing document.

Study the information with respect to the time of Dasha and Bhukti.

In our example, from 31 March 20114, the person will experience developments in the matter of:

Guru:  Teachers, knowledge, prosperity, luck, spirituality, army, power, public acclaim, success, children and happiness from them, sons, litigation

Shani: Labour, endurance, savings, expenses, lameness, eyes, powers of concentration, sense of responsibility, poverty, death, death of relatives, sudden fortune, litigation, enemies.

Third House :

Brothers and sisters,  neighbors, courage, chest, right ear, hands, short journeys, nervous system, communication, writing skills, education, mental power.


Fourth House :

Mother, house and lands, clothes, ornaments conveyance, family environment, fortune, education, hidden treasure, love affairs, chest, and interference in married life.

Fifth House:


children, intellect, recognition, promotion, abdomen, heart, back, love affairs, pleasures, speculation,  artistic talent,  talent in games, achievements in competition.


Sixth House:

Debts, disputes, diseases, enemies, miseries, injuries, maternal aunt or uncle, service, food, clothes, theft, bad name, pet animals, employees, tenants and waist.


By picking up points from these notes that are close to his stage of life, the person can time the events as nearly as possible. In the example case, the person is 65 years old, self-employed as a writer and is enjoying average lifestyle.

What can he expect from 31 March 2014? Certainly not birth of children but can look forward to his daughters being well employed and married suitably.  He has to guard against anger (6th house indicates disputes and Guru as the 6th lord is in adverse position). Writing skills may receive recognition as the Yoga karaka, Shani is in direct aspect with Guru.

Hope you have got the basic idea:

If you collate the information relevant to your case from any astrology book in one place and study it

This set of facts gives you a very rudimentary direction, but it will serve you well until you gain experience and extend the theory to other combinations. The additional combinations include planets in the same house, aspects and so on. 

Tail spark:

Astrology is a tool to be used intelligently. The basic principle is that you can modulate your actions based on predictions. Do not give up your efforts just because a bad event is forecast or just don’t wait for good things to happen by themselves. You have got to work towards your goals. Your horoscope is just a map; unless you travel, you won’t reach the destination.



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