How to manage troubled adoptions.

Professional adoption help has a way of getting the shine back for families with troubled (and troublesome) adoptive boys. Around 20% of adoptions run into varying degrees of rough weather sometime or other and in most of these cases, individual families can’t simply cope.

Neglect, violence, drug and other abuse that the boy has suffered with the earlier family could still be tormenting the young chap. He may become aggressive or meek, stubborn or passive, hyperactive or too lazy and in extreme instances, even violent. The kid is reckless, opposes everything, damages things at home or injures himself or siblings. Disabilities not detected earlier may surface which again is a situation that families can’t manage on their own.

It gets to be so, sometimes you may even wish that someone takes the boy away. Here is a brief on how a comprehensive program during which the boy lives temporarily at specialized adoption assistance facilities does help both the boy and the family.

Holistic Development:

Depending on the severity of the challenges, adoption help provides the boy with three kinds of care. While therapy takes care of the disabilities, counseling brings about positive changes in behavior, academic training makes sure that the boy grows up into a confident adult. He becomes person who syncs with the family and society on equal footing.

Federal Funded Help:

Admittedly, such trained and personal help with adoption calls for financial commitment and for those families who need, the federal government funds support programs. The adoptive boy can be placed at a residential facility for up to 18 months where he receives skilled attention, therapy and appropriate education. Both the family and the child are involved in a structured adoption training course that makes them ready for reunited and rejuvenated life.

How the residential program helps:

When the kid goes to live temporarily at the training academy, you get time to recharge, to look at life from a new perspective and regain the confidence. You now know what to do right. The kid has happy life; he joins groups of kids of similar age, learns responsibilities and what it is to share. He too sees life from a new angle. Learning new skills, going on hikes, swimming, skating, participating in cultural and team activities will enrich his life. During holidays, he may even visit Frisco museums and see Angel Island. Simply put: the life is now a big fun.
And, he receives academic coaching, a valuable asset that replaces the earlier self-doubt and consequent unruly tendencies with sense of dignity and achievement.

Specialist Academy, California:

For over 50 years, Specialist academy has been providing exceptional adoption help in California. While healthy food, good accommodation and personal supervision are the norms, a thoughtful academic program improves behavior and trains your boy in life skills. If he is one with special needs, he is trained in alternate skills and to overcome the challenges.

We reunite the adoptive families.


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