Is failed adoption the end of the road?

California failed adoption percentage is anywhere between 10% and 25%! This estimate is disturbing news, particularly for families for whom the expected bundle of affection is turning out to be a pack of problems. A specialist Academy helps you to deal with troubled adoptions through guidance and temporary residential care for boys in the 6-14 age-group.
When is an adoption unsuccessful? Simply put, if the adoptive parents and the child do not connect emotionally and the parents wish they could get the child placed elsewhere, the adoption has failed. Many reasons play a key role and create tensions; may be the parents never realized what they were taking on and are now unable to cope with caring for the child day in day out, health problems, tutoring, and costs. Or the child is simply just ‘one of a kind’.
As wondering why and what went wrong doesn’t serve any meaningful purpose, here are a few tips on dealing with failed adoption.

Look for signs:

It is not that every adoption is problematic. Being too sensitive and emotional can lead to mistaking childish tantrums for behavioral problems, more so if you don’t have earlier parenting experience. Check if there’s a growing distance between you and the child, the child does not want to spend time with adopted parents and siblings, is morose or hyperactive; some children show worrisome tendencies: stealing, injuring self or others, damaging things and similar disorderly behavioral problems and even violence. You feel that it’s impossible to continue and wish that someone else takes care of the child. These signs signal a possible failed adoption.

Know the difference:

There is a vital difference between disrupted and dissolved adoptions. Disruption is the first stage in troubled adoptions, meaning there’s still scope and hope of retrieving the situation. Of course, if the parents or the old-enough adoptive child feel that it’s an absolute no-go and legal action terminates the arrangement then it’s a dissolved adoption.

Make a Difference:

If faced with disrupted adoption, you can make a difference through timely action. Boys who were victims of violence, neglect, drug or other abuse are prone to anxiety and depression syndrome. When individual attention and counseling don’t improve the situation, expert attention is the solution but is obviously expensive. Federal funded failed adoption support through Adoption Assistance Program helps in tiding over the financial aspects up to 18 months.
You can entrust the child to residential care for a while at the specialist academy, where specialists provide therapeutic care and behavioral counseling. As the academy works with the boy as well as the family, the chances of putting the adoption back on the rails are bright. The boy becomes a happy member of a group, enjoys companionship, nice food and accommodation. While selected boys get to join sea cadet course, all learn through participative activities, athletics, cultural programs and adventure hiking.

The specialist academy has the right environment to make a failed Adoption work again and reunite the family.


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