Outsourcing HR Services

Here is a fairly common opening gambit of HR service providers: “We are providers of complete array of HR solutions.” What exactly is meant by “complete array of HR solutions” and does it imply that your organisation can give up the entire personnel department?

–> Close relationship with leading employers and premium recruitment agencies
–> A vast database of qualified job seekers
–> Senior legal experts,
–> A pan-Indian presence,
–> Cutting-edge infrastructure
–> And, most importantly, commitment to best in HR practices.

Here is how the services provide a competitive edge for each stakeholder.

Job Seekers:

You can post the resume free and be visible to leading employers across the nation. A huge database of lucrative and satisfying career opportunities awaits you. The database is easy to search and is up-to-date. You can customize the job alert system that hand-guides you towards the ‘dream job.’ Drawn from various sectors, the job offers are relevant and help you to find the right-fit employment quickly.
Chat live with in-house experts or participate through the blogs – learn or teach through the community. The positive experience has the potential to modify your career path.
Improve your chances through our professional resume creation services. Succeed better at interviews through the counselling services. You can checkout current salary scenarios and general job market conditions.


As an employer, you have access to a huge database of job seekers located across India. People with various educational qualifications, levels of experience, freshers and professionals are registered on the database. You can find appropriate candidates to fill permanent, temporary or on-contract positions.
Employers are welcome to our innovative tools – compensation benchmarking and employee engagement survey. You can use the database of featured candidates to fast-track selection.
E-recruitment, Executive Search, Lateral Recruitment, the customized recruitment services are available to improve hiring process. Or for better results, you could entrust us with the entire Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

HR Managers:

We have put in place advanced software, hardware and communication resources. The systems can run customized applications or process your data using current software packages.
By assigning all the back office needs to us, HR managers can achieve accuracy and operational speed at a fraction of cost.

Mobility Services:

For the HR managers again, we offer Mobility Services. This is a cost-effective, timesaving and convenient way of handling relocation of executives, employees, offices and equipment.

Legal Managers:

Career Prospect’s legal panel is the ideal and mature counsellor for legal managers. Senior and practicing legal experts provide consultation right from planning the labour law requirements. HR managers will find the panel’s knowledge of labour laws in different States a significant help, while dealing with matters relating to branches and units across India.

Service providers:

We feature third party service providers such as educational and training institutes, publishers, travel managers and insurers, to enhance HR experience.

The Decisive Edge:

The summary of our profile is this: we provide a competitive edge to each stakeholder in the HR world – the job seekers, employers, HR and legal managers.
Come and share our vision – contact us @veevas


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