Book review: The Immortals of Meluha

If gods were human, they would be more divine; and, more interesting. The immortals of Meluha do exactly that. Turning on human endeavour, they create a very real life Shiva.

Shiva once tells Nandi “I am your friend, not a chief.” This true leadership and chivalrous quality has acquired for Shiva more than fame, the affection of his Gunas. Nandi, Veerabhadra and other people in the tribe cannot help hero worshipping this warrior, who has won many battles for them.
Shiva’s reputation echoes in the distant Meluha, a beautiful and prosperous land, which like every affluent nation, it is menaced by enemies. Meluha King Daksha can think of only one way to save his land and can think of only Shiva. For, he knows that Shiva will not be a conqueror but will be a saviour. At his request, Shiva migrates with his Gunas to Meluha.
Here he finds that Somras is the secret behind the long life of Meluhans, but in its pure form, it is lethal. Shiva survives after drinking pure somras though his throat turns blue and becomes Neelkanth. The first of his many fantastic titles wins him Sati for wife and also leads him to learn an amazing fact. The Chandravanshis whom he defeats on behalf Suryavanshis were also waiting for a saviour, a Neelkanth!
Shiva discovers his true destiny at Ayodhya, Lord Ram’s ancient kingdom.


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