Shri. Bagalamukhi Mantra

Shree Bagalamukhi blessed me with this mantra on 19th March 2015.

Bagalamukhi Adbhutam

(Image- courtesy of Wikipedia)


Om: The Pranava mantra invokes the highest divine power encircling all the universes.

Hlreem: is the beejaakshara meaning the root letter; it energises us to realise Shri. Bagalamukhi.

Bagalamukhi: Goddess whose face has the supreme power to capture. Capture what or whom? If we merely look at Bagalamukhi or even better focus on her face in our inner self , She will bless us with control over our internal enemies. The six internal enemies proscribed by the learned sages are: Lust, anger, greed, temptation, arrogance and jealousy. The other implication is Shri. Bagalamukhi demolishes these six enemies in our immediate external world also. Bagalamukhi protects us from evil eye and attacks from our enemies.

Ashtadala kamalaanthargatha: The Bagalamukhi Yantra consists of a lotus with eight petals. Yantra is the physical manifestation of the Supreme Goddess. For ordinary mortals to understand Her, Bagalamukhi appears to reside in the form of a Yantra, an icon.

Shattrikona madhye : Within this eight petalled lotus, six triangles form a timeless circle.

beeja trikonopari: Ensconced inside the six triangles is the beeja trikona, the root triangle on which the All-powerful Goddess resides.

Then follows the description Bagalamukhi’s Might and wonderful form.

Gadadharee: Goddess who is holding a mace.

Chaturbhuje: One who has four hands.

Mahaadevee: The greatest of all.

Drishti dosha naashinee: Bagalamukhi destroys evil eye and protects us from evil tongue of enemies,

Maam paathu: Here is the prayer. We are entreating Bagalamukhi to safeguard us from enemies who may harm us with their malicious talk and evil eye.

Mahaavidye: Mahaavidye means the custodian of Gnaana, the Ultimate Knowledge. Bagalamukhi destroys ignorance in both us and our enemies, thereby sheltering us from evil, particularly evil eye.

Sarvaa dushta bhayankaree: Bagalamukhi terrorises all malevolent forces.

Om Swaahaa: Paying final obeisance to Shri. Bagalamukhi. In the first two words of the mantra, we have invoked the Goddess through “Om Hlreem”. Om swaaha completes the circle. In another way, we are taking leave of Bagalamukhi for the moment, so that the other devotees get an opportunity to be under Bagalamukhi divine blessing. Such completion demonstrates the selflessness of each bhakta, the devotee. It is not as if Bagalamukhi can bless only one person at a time. After all, Bagalamukhi is eternal, universal and all powerful. Bagalamukhi safeguards all of us at the same time and at all times. Completion of the mantra merely denotes our humble self-sacrifice for universal prosperity.

Om shanti shantihi. May goddess Bagalamukhi bless you all.


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