VeenaSoft Ecommerce applications are smart online business tools.

(This is a trial article I had provided to a client)


Elegantly appealing, smartly responsive, technically advanced yet fluid, VeenaSoft   Ecommerce applications work to push your online sales.  The reason is simple. We closely customize the online store to enhance customer experience, an assured way to increase online business. Here are 10 distinctive features we build into every Ecommerce application.

Responsive ecommerce Websites:

Smart phone or tablet, PC or laptop, let the customer come from any devise, VeenaSoft   built ecommerce websites fill the screen fluidly. The customers enjoy comfort of easy navigation and a clear view. You avoid having separate native apps and save money in terms of development and maintenance costs.

Responsive Mobile Site:

Will your customers be happier if they can view clearly, whether they are holding the mobile horizontally or vertically? You can be sure that users like handy sites where images and text auto-adjust their appearance, navigation menu merges into a button and all this happens seamlessly. Providing that convenience is what we call as smart online business tools.

Payment integration and seamless checkout

The point at which the visitor turns into a customer is the crucial moment. It hinges upon ease of payment facility. Our E commerce Development Service professionals design Payment integration and Seamless checkout options for quick and ease of use. You will be able to offer multiple payment modes and receive payments through debit/ credit cards, PayPal, Qpay, Skrill, online transfer and other options of your choice.

Self-manageable ecommerce platform

The ecommerce applications we build are highly advanced both technologically and technically. And yet, they are easy to manage and maintain. You get full control over hosting, editing content and imagery and integrating of audio-visual media. To say it differently, the self-manageable platform brings you freedom, flexibility, security and savings.

Sales Management

Automate your sales management for accuracy and better administration. VeenaSoft   ecommerce applications help you to organize Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Transactions and Terms and Conditions through a few clicks.

Catalogue Management

Handle thousands of Products without effort. Our application assists you in updating products continuously and expanding categories anytime. Superior merchandising features help you establish a better connect with the customers through product information. You will have flexibility to sell across multiple channels and manage inventories and categories simultaneously. Catalogue management can be achieved without too advanced technical capability.

Promotions management and Newsletters

Acquire new customers and retain them through regular newsletters. Our developers provide in-built Promotions Management and Newsletters circulation features.


How are things doing? Find out anytime; just click through the helpful “Reports” menu. You can quickly know which of your products are making profits and which need attention. Track your bank account, categorize vendors on quality, margins and other metrics, or communicate through integrated Email feature. We put information at your fingertips.

Custom E-commerce Website Design:

Customization is a too frequently used word. For us it has a special meaning- your requirements. Every ecommerce application we build is bespoke and is designed to meet your business requirements. We devote as much thought to consumer behavior as to software development. The result will be a perfect, stable and rich-looking ecommerce website.

Feature you will love most:

Here is the 11th and most important feature. We work fast and deliver as per agreed to timelines. And, savings in development costs can be pleasantly welcome. Connect with us; we shall tell you more. 



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