How to choose a jacket

How to choose a jacket is more about choosing upscale appeal. Admittedly no other garment makes us look younger and smarter. If it is one of those best of jackets, it does add that extra measure of style quotient. And of course, no other outfit keeps us so cosy. This is a solid reason why you must browse different jacket designs available and and select wisely. This buying guide has some useful tips on current trends and jacket styles.


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Jacket Features, The Essentials

It may sound a bit obvious, but firstly the ‘must have jacket’ must be comfortable. And, what is comfort? Beginning with the size, the cut, cuffs, pockets, collar, hood, and the buttons or fastenings play a key role in making it a snug one. Let us check out these pointers.

Jacket sizes: The task of how to choose a jacket size is far easier online than it is generally thought. Men’s jackets usually have about 80 size options, beginning with XXS and going up to EL in men’s jackets. Women jackets come in as many as 30 or more sizes. Look up the available sizes on your online store to find the best fit.

The cut: One thing that can be said about the cut of any garment is, like beauty, it is in the eye of the viewer. But the fact is it is the distinctive cut that distinguishes the best jackets from well, the other outer wear. Check out if the design impresses you. And, as it matters also in how you feel, make sure that the jacket sits well across the shoulders, around the waist and chest.

Pockets: Some jacket styles look so chic. The secret lies in the pockets. There are jackets with welt pockets, insert pockets, fleece lined ones, pockets with zip or flap closing and so on. The variety is only limited by your imagination. Pick your choice. While jackets with too many pockets may look awkward, for serious trekkers an extra pocket is always handy. Try to get hold of a model with a secure provision (may be a Velcro strap or a zip) for the smartphone and important documents. Such a jacket would be your friend on a rainy day!

Collar: This is the exciting part of a jacket design. Latest styles include mock collar with press-button closure. Along with spread collars, Mandarin collars the range goes on to jackets where the neck has no collar but straightway transforms into a hood.

Hood: Some jacket designs provide a detachable hood while in the others, the hood is permanently attached. Either way, the hood is a great idea in crispy weather. If you are looking for winter-wear jackets and more so if you are a bike enthusiast, opt for a padded hood and closed fastening for extra protection.

Buttons, drawstrings and fastenings: Fastenings add elegance to a jacket. They give you the extra convenience. A large number of options are available. Pick what catches your fancy from metal buttons, fancy drawstrings, concealed zippers and other varieties available on the store. There is one more thing. Buttons or zipper should also be durable for otherwise, the jacket itself is not usable. And, quite often, they spell safety and security. Make sure that the fastenings are easy to use and close properly. Of course, the only way to be sure on this quality aspect is to buy from a reputed jacket store you trust.

Having seen the utility value, let us move on to some fun factors.

How to Choose a Jacket With Exciting Colours

Life is full of colours. Harmonise dress colours with your personality and you are on a roll. Given that it is literally on top of things, a smart and nicely coloured a jacket can make a world of difference. Suppose, you are suddenly saddled with a routine dress on a day. Pull on the best jacket you have and you will be the smartly dressed person around.

Thrilling colours are the theme of this season’s jacket designs. You have choice to look truly ritzy in olive greens, distinctive greys, boldly red or brilliant blue. Keeping them company are mustard yellow, rust brown, beige, khakis and the all time favourites, the blacks and whites. The jacket style pundits have not stopped just there. If you want pack some fun on a picnic, you have multi coloured or printed jackets. You can explore more possibilities with combo colours, say black, red plus white. Want to be slightly formal at a gathering? Try the beige and grey synthesis.

Syncing The ‘Must Have Jacket’ With The Idea

The trick is to see that your selection jells with the purpose. Meaning, just because, a jacket is your favourite don’t wear it everywhere. Suppose you are going to a sports event, wrap yourself in a jacket with patented stripes. Put on a hand woven silk Nehru jacket over a kurta if participating in a wedding or office party. That is sure to give you the best shot.

How to Choose a Jacket Fabric

To say it again, the options are mind boggling. If wool blends, silk ethnics and textured weaves bring on a sophisticated charm, blue denims and khakis can give you the go-to look. And for functional purposes select jackets made of nylon, polyester (both can be irresistibly fashionable) and water resistant fabric. Polyester lined jackets are good at keeping out chilly breeze. Reversible designs give you two jackets for price of one. Snuggle into padded, fleece lined or wool blended jackets and enjoy warmer winters.

Embellished Jacket Designs

They can be, rather they should be lively. That is why the jacket styles have gone pretty creative. Embroidered appliques, logos, brandings ribbed or striped or vented hems are just a few of the animators. Jackets that have tape, stitch detail or quilt stitching create an alluring persona around you. Go with your mood and taste all the while, while selecting the jackets.

Types of Jackets

Jackets can be fashion wear or practical. Choose the type that suits your purpose say sports jackets while going to the playground or gym and windbreakers for a long drive on the bike. Superbly designed casual jackets can take you to the evening parties or coffee shop chats. On similar lines, think of winter-wear and dust proof jackets depending on the season.

Buying jackets

Jackets are cool. They are warm, friendly and wrap you in fab appeal. As such the crunch decision is to buy the real right one. Given the torrent of domestic brands, international labels and other choices, how to choose a jacket revolves around two crucial questions. Where can you get value for money? Which jacket looks good, feels great and lasts long? Check out all the jacket features on your favourite online store. You are sure to get your dream jacket.
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